The Process of Healing

Clay with his Father

Clay enjoying time with his father.

The process of healing is a life work in progress.

Grief is not time-limited or measurable. Like a snowflake, grief is unique with each individual coping in their own space at their own pace. The old normal is gone; a new normal will evolve. The lives of the surviving family are forever changed by this tragedy, but eventually the initial raging grief gentles into sorrow and regret that is tolerable and manageable. Be alert of indications of obsessive guilt, anger, or talk of wanting to die. It is not unusual or abnormal for suicide bereaved to speak of not wanting to live, it can also be a red flag. If the talk becomes persistent it is prudent to help seek mental health professionals with the expertise in grief. You will want to ensure that safety of the bereaved and the peace of mind to all that care for them.

For immediate assistance, please refer to the support programs below.


#CheckIn Day

Check-In Day is the 4th of every month. While the Check‑In Foundation strongly urges everyone to #CheckIn with family and friends, we picked this day as a remembrance of Clay Watson's life, and to also raise awareness of mental health and suicide every month. This monthly reminder will encourage you to reach out to others that may be in need of love and support.

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Contact April Directly

Just want to talk? Have an idea to help the foundation? Contact April and she will do her best to respond within 48 hours. If you or someone you care about is suicidal, immediately call your physician, your local mental health agency, 911, or 1 (800) SUICIDE.

Support Programs

Call +1 (800) 273-8255 (TALK) or visit a website below.
Feeling Suicidal? Call 911.

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